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Why Perks99?

Guilt-Free, Prep Free, Affordable Lunches!

Fresh Warm Meals - Microwave Free!

Even if short on time, get exactly the lunch you want to fit your diet, exercise, and sustainability goals. Enjoy our unique on-site temperature-controlled, smart food portal - conveniently stationed at your workplace. You will never want to randomly order out again! Guaranteed!

Sustainability = The Right Thing

The increase in takeout from restaurants means more plastic and aluminum paper will likely end up in the garbage. One-time use of food packaging and then throw it away has never made any sense.

Perks99 provides a solution:

By subscribing to our meal plan and delivery services, restaurants will be able to reduce their food packing and delivery costs and transfer larger discounts to the consumer!

Join Perks99 in revolutionizing food takeout and delivery by being sustainable while still enjoying delicious, fresh warm, and economical meals!